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The company of horses is a business created by Emma Kurrels and Ben Hart. This two experts of equine métier decided to combine their skills. For over 20 years, Emma and Ben study horses and ponies. They conducted research on these animals and have trained a lot of them. Their experience in the equine area is no longer to prove. So with this experience, they are solicited everywhere. Private persons as well as professionals like riding center or NGO resort their services. In addition, they own many equestrian centers around the world (Australia, Europe, USA and Canada). They are specialists in training equine (horses, pony, donkeys and mules). Emma Kurrels and Ben Hart use the science of behavior to properly train equines.

Ben and Emma teach everyone who want to know more about his equine, however if it’s an owner or a trainer. They teach you how making the most of your horse or your pony by study their equine behavior courses. Ben and Emma help you to establish a good and easy communication between you and your animal. So they improve the relationship master – animal. The training programs they design are tailored to each type of case. Indeed, each animal requires special attention according to its auto locksmith nj environment and its activities. This is from these information that these two experts establish a physical, psychological and emotional program for you and your pet or your animals.

Ben Hart come from a family which one already works with horses. He works with equine in America, Africa and Europe. He is one of the best equine trainer in UK. Regarding Emma Kurrels, she also one of the most important figures in the equestrian world in UK. She a horses-whisperer who helps owner and riders for better communicating with their equine. Together, Ben and Emma form an experienced team for all your equine training problems.

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