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How to know what type of saddle to buy

Renewing your horse equipment is very expensive, as every rider knows. And even more so when you have to change your riding saddle entirely. Indeed buying a saddle is the most expensive purchase after buying the horse, so it is very important to be careful what you choose as a saddle. Indeed there are certain essential prerequisites to buy with precision your saddle among all the different types that exist. First of all, you must choose the discipline that you will practice with your equine to find the ideal saddle. If you bought a versatile leisure horse for hiking, dressage and jumping, you should preferably buy a mixed English saddle, which will allow you to practice all the disciplines you want while still having the adequate position for discipline. Conversely if you are a fan of jumping you should buy a saddle oriented cso, with higher quarters at the level of the shoulders of your horse which allows you to adapt your position during the gliding phase during a jump so as not to disturb your horse. Finally for the followers of dressage there are indeed saddles exclusively reserved for the practice of dressage since these saddles really have quarters which go down to the bottom of the horse to precisely allow you to have a better position and well lowered legs to allow you to make the right movements without hindering the horse in the practice of this discipline. Finally, be sure to choose the right saddle size for your frame. Indeed, as for clothing there are different sizes or width of saddles so that each horse regardless of its morphology is not bothered by this saddle on its back. Find out more at equitack.

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