Horses Passion

My life, my horses

The equestrian activity is one of the best physical activities now. Once you have tried this practice, one must want to adopt it. As a passion it self will that membership is changing and we therefore adopt a horse to truly crown this passion. Of course, when talking about acquiring a horse, it stands that will come with specific constraints that decision in particular on the corner of the horse. In any case, it will be good to know all about it once you have made that decision.

Daily care

Once you have ordered his horse on professional sites like, it should offer him the care everyday. When we talk about care for the horse, will begin with food. It will therefore feed the horse according to its habitat, the work he will engage, weight and season. For perfect care, it will be important to groom the horse to check for any suspicious sores or swellings. Of course, it will also be a great time of sharing in order to strengthen ties with the animal. It goes without saying that hygiene at the home of the horse will be as important for it to be perfectly healthy. To receive care provided at all levels, it would be best to use pensions as well.

The grooming

It is important to emphasize this approach because its importance is crucial for strict monitoring of the horse. Clearly, grooming is to clean the horse while massaging the skin in order to tone up his muscles. It is like a physical fitness impeccable for the horse. Also, the rider and the horse find this very enjoyable process since this will strengthen the links between them. In order to properly dress the horse so will require the proper equipment and there are complete kits. In these kits, so we found the curry comb to loosen dirt, a stopper to remove the mud dries, sponge, foot spa, a metal comb and a soft brush.

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