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A good saddle will never break !

When referring to equestrian activities, questions about the equipment to be used always come center stage. Of course, the riding saddle is one of the essential equipment at that. It therefore stands to reason it is important to know what is really good saddle and how to choose. It goes without saying that the quality will be recommended but it's not much he must consider.

General on the saddle

Above all, we must know that the saddle of a horse is a leather seat and put them on the horse's back. This is what used by riders to sit comfortably on the horse. Also the type of saddle vary with use, but there are two main types of saddle namely the English saddle and western saddle. The English saddle is flat and lighter compared to the English saddle. The latter, besides being heavier than the English saddle has a cantle and pommel that are higher. If we refer to history, we note that the first stool appeared to be ancient to stabilize the rider and save the horse's back.

Whether Suited

Having a good quality saddle is a very good thing since this quality will ensure sustainability. A quality saddle will still be usable even used. Adopt and find used saddles for sale is a good reflex as the quality is at the appointment. After that, it will be important to determine if the seat is suitable or not. At the level of the rider, it's simple, it just that it is comfortable. By cons, at the horse, it is important to note several points. Above all, the withers should be free. Then the saddle must be in balance. Of course, the panels of the saddle must leave the column of free riding. It will also ensure that the saddle does not reach the lower back since it will mean that it is too long. Finally, traces of sweat are also a good reference. It just that they are symmetrical after a session since it will reflect the fact that there are no pressure points.

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