Horses Passion

Even on horses, frenchies stay classy !

While most riders think it is not necessary to its image when mounted on his horse, they are mistaken. Even on a horse, you can be class. To do this, you need the right clothes but also good facilities. If you have a small budget but are rather seeking quality equipment, it would be best to opt for used french saddles. They have very good relationship between quality and price. Many shops unearth the best brand products in the market and offer them at very competitive prices. But it is still necessary to choose the right saddle and the right equipment to go with.

Quality of service

In shops like Equitack you received by professionals offering quality services. They are always at your service and help you choose equipment adapted to your needs. To do this, simply describe them your activity, the morphology of your horse and others. They can also bring you all the advice necessary to properly care for your horse if you are still a beginner in this field, to take care and others.

At your disposal, you will also have a saddler to help you have put the saddle on your horse. Indeed, if one does not choose the right seat or not clear the place, it may be that this has a negative impact on the health of your horse as well as yours. Then you must take good care that your saddle is suitable for your mount to ensure your safety and that of your horse.

How to choose your saddle horse?

Before making your choice, you must first determine the size of your seat according to your horse and your morphology. You must then determine whether to opt for a saddle leather or synthetic. Leather saddle is expensive while the synthetic costs much less than the latter. For heavy use, the leather is recommended, otherwise you can still meet a synthetic saddle for occasional use. Now you should know if you want or not fitted saddle. Fitted, it is immediately ready for use. Finally, you need to determine your budget.

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