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Don't ride a horse with spurs !

When a rider reaches a certain level of learning, it must be able to use spurs. They need to know them properly and to use it wisely. Here it is no longer to choose used french saddles, but how to put spurs without any risk.

Put his spurs

Rounded and short spurs are preferred to avoid unintentional contact with the horse's flanks. The purchase must be undertaken using their fitting on your boots. Know that the length of the branches and their spacing are not the same.

When you are at work you must first ask spurs coast to coast knowing the inner leg and longer than the outer leg and that their tip is not right but still slightly tilted downwards. Once you have finished checking the details, you should now slide the belt in the spur via the inside by first starting from the top of the outer leg and bring the mouth to three centimeters branch . Then you have to pass the belt in question at the bottom of the lower arm and the upper arm before moving upwards.. The loop should be located on the top and one on the outside. We now cover, slide your spur on the heel of the boot, slightly below its place so that the belt can easily pass under the sole. Your strap should be placed in front of the heel. It'll just go up your spurs in his place and then slide the belt in the branches if needed to spur your can then remain horizontal and that it can rest on the cleat. Be sure to fasten the belt.

If you are rude, you should not use spurs since they could injure your horse. Although, they are composed by tips and sharp edges. Also, you should never use them if you're not able to master the steadiness of your legs or your dose of action.

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