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Horse riding on beach this weekend !

Did you know? This weekend, a horse race is organized on the beach. If you plan to register for the event, you can either ask directly for entry forms committees, you go early in the morning to register for the competition. In both cases, you need to prepare well and choose the right equipment for your horse including good saddle.

The choice of the saddle is not always easy especially if you do not know anything. It costs not only very expensive but it can also have bad consequences on the health of the horse if we do not take them properly. It is therefore important to be well informed before making a purchase you might want to get yourself an antares saddles or from other brands.

The good saddle for competition

There are several types of saddle on the market. In a competition, you might choose a mixed saddle. The latter is suitable for any discipline. Otherwise you can always opt for a saddle for your horse. You can, for example, choose to have a beautiful leg down in a saddle Jumping well that it does not all work well it helps you in your position.

Your saddle should be adapted to your horse but above all you must also go otherwise your position might suffer. If you are a club or a professional rider and you do not have a fixed horse for you, it would be best to choose a saddle that you will be more comfortable in not putting as mounts that she will go. If you are a rider owner, you should choose a saddle that will fit equally well to you and your horse. You will be able to test in static or dynamic. If it does not static, it is sure that it will not dynamic reciprocity that is not always true.

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