A guide to different saddles and styles

When talking horse nowadays, people tend to immediately imagine on their back, not bothering to think about their equipment. Yet with bad equipment, it is likely that we will eventually pass a bad time, knowing that the horse could succumb at any time.

Horse supplies

As we know, there are different disciplines to achieve with a horse, and all have their own specific equipment. Therefore, to prevent his horse is injured during the activity, it's best to check your equipment before mounting, and replace them if necessary. As for the replacement, this can result in the passage from one device to another, for a change of activity, as the act of placing the initiation, dressage. In terms of equipment, there are leash, muzzle, and calipers, yet we all know, the most important on a horse is no other than the saddle. Therefore, it is essential to choose the good, knowing that the fine used saddle is the best today, each type of saddle is still a kind of specific activity.

Saddle characters Whether for a pony or a horse, the criteria remain the same, which also applies to stools. And in terms of bowel movements, there are:

The initiation saddles

Designed to delight all lovers, this seat is very comfortable and has a handle to stabilize the rider in case.

The dressage saddles

Dressed The saddle promotes the relationship between horse and rider, with a wide seat, and quite specific preferences.

The obstacle saddles

As its name suggests, it is suitable for jumping horses, designed to provide stability for the rider jumps his horse, and that can fit short.

The mixed or multipurpose saddle

As purpose saddle, it conforms perfectly to any type of equestrian practice, and any type of rider, beginner or professional.

Considering each of its information, it should be easy for everyone to find a saddle that fits both his horse and its business.

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