French Saddle... the French Team won the Olympic Games thanks to it !

Gold for France ! Penelope Leprevost, Philippe Rozier, Roger-Yves Bost and Kevin Staut finish ahead of the team jumping, ahead of the United States and Canada. This is the first Olympic title of France in show team jumping since 1976. It is also the third medal for the Frenchies in Rio in equestrian, after the gold in team eventing and the silver to Astier Nicolas, in individual eventing.

The French riders won Wednesday, August 17 in Rio the gold medal of the team jumping. That was forty years that France was waiting for that. The French riders hadn't won any more the Olympic gold in team jumping since the Montreal Olympics in 1976. This is the 7th medal in this team discipline, the last two having been won, were Olympic bronze in 1988 and 1992.
Fifth after the first run of the day before, the French have made a very beautiful second part of competition on Wednesday, with three rounds without bringing down of obstacles on this very technical course where most of riders received penalties. Roger-Yves Bost, Philippe Rozier and Kevin Staut managed three faultness.
Despite of the time penalty point on his horse " Sydney Une Prince ", Roger-Yves Bost perfectly concluded the course of the French riders. From there, the French were already assured of finishing top, unable to be joined by the United States, Germany and Canada. Even before the last passage of Penelope Leprevost which have not even need to start.

Third medal in these Games for the French equitation

Previously, France had offered his first Olympic title at the Rio Games by getting gold in the team three-day event of riding. After three passages perfectly performed by the French, New Zelander and Australians chained penalties, which allowed the team to France to climb to the top spot. A few hours after this performance, the rider Astier Nicolas had offered a second medal to his team by winning silver in the individual eventing.
The French riding team won in passing the eighth gold medal for France, with French saddles ! For used french saddles, click here !

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