How to put on a saddle on a horse properly ?

To practice horse riding, whether you are doing jumping, dressage or other equestrian discipline, you must start by saddling your horse properly. Here are some tips that will help you get there properly.

To saddle a horse properly

Start by making sure the saddle blanket is clean, to prevent the horse from getting injured. Put it gently on the back of your horse making sure to place the strap loops forward. The saddle pad must perfectly cover your equine withers to avoid friction with the saddle. Then gently put the saddle behind the withers. Make sure the pommel does not touch your pet's withers. Also, make sure you can pass two fingers between the saddle pad and the withers. This is the guarantee that your horse is saddled properly. Then release the withers, otherwise the mat may put pressure on the animal. Pass the strap through the strap loops. Check that it is well positioned, otherwise the saddle pad may fall back. You must straps several times so that the horse gets used to the pressure slowly. To allow your horse to enjoy more comfort, you can bet on a shock absorber to be placed above the saddle pad.

How to choose your riding saddle

Choosing your saddle is just as important as saddling your horse if you want to improve your equestrian discipline. A saddle that is not adapted to the rider and to the horse can hinder the rider in its evolution and in the practice of riding. A bad saddle can also hurt the horse. The saddle may injury to the withers. It is for these reasons that it is essential to acquire a horse saddle of good quality. So, even if you have found used saddles for sale at a ridiculous price, always check that the one you choose is in good condition and that it is perfectly matched to your morphology and the morphology of your horse to prevent injuries.

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