The company of a horse can relax you

In most developed countries, the horse is now mounted for leisure or sport. It can be a partner therapy, and tends to approach the pet.

The horse, a therapeutic mediator

Observe the horse, pet him, talk to him in a serene context of non-competitiveness, immediately causes a drop in blood pressure.
The mechanism involved is a process of affective and emotional guy. Benson professor of Harvard University has conducted studies on the relationship between emotions, relaxation and beneficial results.

The horse relaxes

The relaxed state that the company is derived from an animal causes changes physiological point of view, the heart rate slows, breathing rate decreases, muscles relax. This explains the improvement of certain diseases of the musculoskeletal system through the animals.
The relaxed state coincides with the decrease in production of adrenaline and hormones glucocorticoids (stress hormones) produced by the body in response to crisis situations. Positive emotions, moreover, stimulate the production of endorphins, which allows to bear the painful stimuli, and boost the immune system, thereby successfully confront infectious diseases.
Owning a horse, live his company, arouses strong feelings, such as love, fear, curiosity, tenderness.
Contact with the horse seeking the man at all levels: physical, emotional, spiritual and social. The contact with the animal also enhances the perception, enhances self-confidence and helps develop a sense of responsibility. The horse acts as a support by which the body (touch), his behavior and movements offer many opportunities for therapeutic work.

In addition, some activity with the horse have a relaxing effect exerted by the rhythmic movement of the horse on the patient's muscles.

To enjoy the benefits of the horse and his company, you must also think about him protecting his back with a well adapted saddle.

The antares saddles offer features for comfort and protection for the horse and for his back who reside in a panel that arises more flat and thick foam that hugs the horse's back .

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