Horses like to be ridden, if you do it well

Most people think that riding a horse is rather a sign of abuse. According to them, the horse in question is operated by humans and fails to rebel with this piece of scrap metal in the mouth or that piece of leather on the nose. Although the horse is wild and must be free. Obviously he would not like being locked in an enclosed space. However, there are many horses that end up enjoying it "work". To do this, you have to know how. We must above all loving, pampered, take care.

Although the majority of riders use fine used saddles and other equipment to mount their horses, they still run it with love. For example, they paint them, they treat them if they are sick, they play with them, they tease them, they play ground with these, they caress them, they take them for family members and the horses love it. It's almost as if you have a dog and you take care of him, you pet him, you take him to the vet, you play, you buy sweets, cereals, you make him take a bath. There is no real difference except for one detail: your horse, you ride.

Gain the respect of his horse

As the horse is actually wild, it will not easily let tame. To do this, you have to be tactful. Respect and trust are important between the rider and his horse. Indeed, if you do not win the respect of your horse, you can not do anything.

To gain the respect of your horse you need to do some exercises including one that looks something like the "stick to me" but rather to push your horse to do like you. You also have to move your hips to your horse so he could get back on his hindquarters. There is also the technique of the back and the other is to ask your horse back to you because there will be in comfort.

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