Let your horse free !

The horse remains an animal of space and freedom. If it lives in a box, it needs all the more a paddock, or a closed field or a meadow of variable dimensions for its relaxation, its physical and psychic well-being. The ideal is to put your horse to the paddock a few hours every day. Thus you will be sure to make it a happy horse, balanced and available when it is mounted .

Your horse also needs freedom, not being harnessed. Grazing in the grass, romp and frolic. Without limitations and without reserves. The pasture is the place indicated for it. Give your horse fresh grass to graze as well as some fresh water to drink. Allow it to rest. Pat it. Let it play and let it have fun.

Work your horse outside

Leave having a walk with your horse is also an excellent way to take it out of its box. Furthermore, request your horse when you ride is a very good working basis while aerating the spirit of your mount.
For the walks are a good time, consider alternate periods of work and periods of free time where you leave your horse observe its environment.
If your horse tends to be a little excited outside, work it if it is not concentrated. When it seems to listen, give it a little ground by granting it free minutes of free so that it understand that if it is wise you do not ask so much work. As soon as it starts to get upset, work it again, still in the quiet to get the most possible relaxation.

Beware, some a little hot horses really relaxes only when you really leave them long reins. Think about this in periods of free time.

Think also about their saddles ! And buy fine used saddles, here !

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