How a horse can help you in your life

Most people raise horses or to help them earn money through the races and competitions or help with transportation. Yet the horse can also be a valuable companion in psychotherapy. Indeed, it not only reflects human behavior but can also respond without forgetting that no judgment. A true personal development but it must be in the presence of a well-trained and well-equipped horse antares saddles by example and others.

The horse therapy

Communicate with the horse does not necessarily mean talking. Indeed, most of the time it is mostly non-verbal in question as posture, tone of voice and other. The horse can not only hear the beating of the human heart but it can also feel the safety or danger of feelings emitted by humans. Then it is perfectly able to synchronize their own beats with those of humans.

When this people to horses for therapy, they meet émotionnement and physically in the same behavioral spectrum than these people. Doctors can then get a glimpse of the inner psychology of each of their patients. Then they are guided in a sensory exercise that challenges the horse's comfort zone. Patients feel often intimidated by the size and power of the horses but most have real control and trust them on the first try.

The horse is able to understand us. It allows us to discover what lies within us as if we had a new friend. The horse will then allow us to become aware of our behavior patterns, to leverage the crisis of conscience while implementing new schemes note with life on all levels and more INCREASE our conscine on esteem and confidence in ourselves. It also helps us find our creativity, our vitality to teach us how to use each of our emotions and to respect those of others. It allows us to keep this to yourself and know to be respected by posing healthy boundaries.

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