Horse riding helps to fight depression !

Depression is a mental disorder characterized by sadness episodes accompanied by low self-esteem and loss of interest or pleasure in normally enjoyable activities such as felt by the individual. This set of symptoms is individualized and classified in the group of mood disorders in the Diagnostic Manual of the American Psychiatric Association in 1980.
The depression is a crippling condition which can ring on the sleep, the diet and the health generally with in particular a risk of suicide, as well as on the family, the schooling or the work.

Horse riding helps to fight depression

Horses are excellent partners of therapy for the fragile people. Learn to take care of an other one with being that one and to be astride these giants can be extremely gratifying. In spite of their big size, these giants are easily impressionable, and it is necessary to show in cold blood and self-control at all the moments. That's why the riding is an excellent remedy against the anxiety but, also, the anger and the depression.

The horse therapy, serving the treatment of depression

The horse therapy is a psychological treatment based on the presence of the horse as a therapeutic mediator. The assistance provided in this framework can be the mental or physical order. It is not practiced only on the horse's back, but sometimes just on contact, touch with a major role as well as dialogue with the therapist. Activities are tailored precisely to the person in care. Therapy sessions with the horse are not moments of equestrian acquisitions or recreational sessions, but therapy support time prescribed or indicated by a doctor.

That your horse is your therapist in session of horse therapy or by its only presence by your side, think of offering it the best saddle! You will find here fine used saddles.

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