Horse riding tour in France this summer

Equestrian tourism is highly developed in France. France is a pioneer of equestrian tourism in Europe since the 1970s.
The French Equestrian Federation (FFE) brings together a large number of licensees in equestrian tourism (about 60,000). And hexagon contains a million kilometers of roads. Decentralized, departmental and regional bodies of the National Committee of Equestrian Tourism (CNTE) have recognized 80 000 km, 16 of which 18 000 are marked.  With this important network of roads suitable for trail riding you can practice this activity in all regions of France.
Some departments, and even a region - Bretagne- have these organized networks with tailored itineraries and accommodations.

Map equestrian routes on the website of the FFE

There is a map of France equestrian routes available online. This clickable map is regularly updated and expanded web resources with guidebooks, local tourist information, etc. Visit the website of the French Equestrian Federation.

Equestrian centers and boarding horses in step with the label Horse Step

There are 6,000 equestrian centers (+ 22% in 10 years), which centers Equestrian tourism and hiking distributed throughout France, enabling various destinations: the edge of the sea, forest, mountain, etc. It is even possible to carry out cross-border hiking in altitude between France and Spain in the Pyrenees proposed by equestrian guides transpyrénéens.
Equestrian tourism centers allow riders and non-riders, to be supervised by qualified professionals to discover the environment, the horse and the equestrian world through animations, walking and hiking.

Horse Step label identifies institutions that offer to host equine step for at least one night , regardless of the reason for the halt hiking. These institutions are still at near a human hosting structure ( house , camping, hotel , guest house ... ) and a recovery solution , within a radius of 3km around the venue of horses.

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