You cannot win competitions without a good riding equipment !

For your run to be successful you must fully equip your horse and prepare it at a young age. It is essential to the well specialize in a specific discipline. If he specializes in Classical Riding, you can participate at any speed races, the CSO, or to cross in dressage competitions. If very orientated towards western riding, it can participate in barrel racing competitions to westerne pleasure of cutting, trail class or reining. If it has between three and five years, you know that it is still possible to change his specialty. Beyond this age, you will have great difficulty.

Why equipping your horse

If your horse is already specialized for a particular riding, it is now time to obtain the necessary facilities. We are talking here of the saddle, the saddle blanket and bridle adapted to its specialty. It is quite possible to find them in shops breeders at home CWD example that offers for used saddles for sale for small budgets.

There are several models and several quality levels. Most equestrian centers even offer several types of equipment that you can use at your leisure and free of charge. For your horse to be even better during competitions, know that you can also equip bands or a cap. Note that these materials do not wear out easily and can be stored perfectly in time.

Choosing the size of your saddle should depend on your body size as a rider. Ideally, your position is as stable as possible. As for the size of neighborhoods, it usually depends on the size of the rider. Indeed, if you are too big or too small, standards neighborhoods you will not go. You can, for cons, ask manufacturers to design according to your body type. The size of the tree depends on the morphology of the horse. What you must remember is that the saddle has many features allow you to have the best position and the best performance according to your discipline. Therefore it is not possible to practice all disciplines with a single seat.

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